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Multi-Media Artist

My artwork explores the space in-between what we know and have experienced with what remains to be seen and imagined.  Creating art allows me an opportunity for an entirely new existence, a new approach to being and the invitation to raise my awareness and shift paradigms.  I utilize my artwork as an agent for healing, education and transformation.


Art is an empowering mechanism of communication allowing a pathway for the unique purpose and sacredness of every human to express personal truth.  When I create I program every piece with intention and healing.  I am a healing artist at many levels.  I have trained in Chinese medicine, Reiki, massage, reflexology, meditation and sound healing.  I combine all these learned disciplines into every piece I create. 


While creating I enter into a state of meditation allowing my higher self and Spirit to guide me.  Through intention and mindfulness I embed my pieces with healing mantras, prayers and ancient symbols.  The result is artwork created with a high frequency of vibration radiating in all directions impacting and energizing the observer and surrounding environment. 


My creative healing works bring balance, healing and peace to any location.  Many of my pieces are found in healing environments from hospitals and private clinics to personal meditation rooms, saunas and nurseries.  I love working with clients to build custom healing pieces with personal mantras and intentions.

Artist Holly Gittlein at work in her studio
Artist Holly Gittlein's 'As Above So Below' Artwork
Artist Holly Gittlein's 'Tangnets of Quatum Identity' Artwork
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