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Traditional Environmental Knowledge

Voyaging with the Uto ni Yalo

The Uto ni Yalo is a traditional Polynesian sea canoe.

The Uto ni Yalo is traditional Polynesian sea canoe of the Fiji Islands.


I was blessed to be able to join the crew of traditional navigators on their collective quest of reviving the role of traditional navigation and deep connection with the ocean to the younger generations. 

Film making & documentation

Selket Kaufman's camera crew filming.

Recently entering the field of film making, I am working on a collection of short films from around the world capturing the wisdom  of indigenous cultures,mysticism and humanity's journey of reconnecting with nature.

In 2021, I joined award winning film maker Selket Kaufman's team in the creation of her next series of films addressing ocean threats, whale migrations and the interconnected truth of nature.  Check out the progress at her website:

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